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A380 Remote Gate


Modern remote gate with 3 jet bridges for Airbus A380 service. Building equipped with 2 separate entrances to handle 2 smaller C-code aircraft at the same time or split the queue for a larger aircraft. Building provided with dedicated entrances for Business and First Class passengers who will board the A380 by the upper floor. 


It is a modular set. This kit can be combined with the same set to create a larger diorama. Depending on the scale chosen, the final layout of the parking stand lines may vary slightly.



Model aircraft and plastic accessories for demonstration purposes only and are not product content. 


Photos taken of a 1/500 scale demonstration set. May contain minor imperfections


Method of manufacture
The layout is printed on high-quality matt photographic paper, which allows the model aircraft to move around without any problems. 

Printed with the layout specially glued to a 2mm thick cardboard base.


The set includes many accessories as dedicated GSE vehicles like buses, pushback tractors and more, and jetsbridges that can be adjusted in height and length.


1/400 - 1 A4 Boards (29.7 x 21.0 cm)



Please note: This is not a toy and is intended for serious collectors aged 14+


Please note Wings400 is not a vat registered company and hence does not collect any tax. It's buyers responsibility to pay local taxes and duties in their own countries when shipment arrives. We are not responsible for any delays in shipment. All items are sent via tracked option only.


SKU: 42302
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