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Keychains from the downed russian kamikaze drone Geran-2  by Fuselage creations

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A truly limited edition and stunning piece Fuselage Creations -Authentic, limited and stunning details. Limited edition of ONLY 140 pieces worldwide and SOLD OUT


These keychains were created thanks to the successful efforts of the Air Defence Forces of Ukraine. The team at Fuselage Creations was able to obtain the remains of downed Shahed/Geran drones and turn them into collectible keychains and parts. The drone was destroyed 26.06.23 nearby the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk in the Mykolaiv Region by the 201st Air Defence Brigade. The remains of this drone are now being used to raise funds to support the Ukrainian defence



The HESA Shahed-136, or Geran-2 in Russian service, is an Iranian loitering munition. It has recently attracted public attention as one of Putin's powerful new weapon for his war in Ukraine. With Iranian and Russian alliance growing stronger since the beginning of this war, the two evil states have agreed to produce these "suicide drones" in Russia under the name of Geran-2. The only difference between Shahed 136 and Geran-2 is in the fact, that the Russians have used more of their local based components such as flight control, navigation system and most notably, the microprocessors.

The Ukrainians have been working tirelessly to come up with the new effective weapons to shoot down these deadly drones, making use of German Geprad's or traditional DShK machine guns modified with thermal cameras.


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